"I was not the stereotypical dieter, but I like many, had a desire to look slimmer and feel better about myself. I felt like I had a good diet and exercise routine, but I never lost the pounds. I even tried some of the “Fad/Shake” diets. The quick results of these diets were temporary and my overall weight would continue to climb. I felt like I was fighting a losing battle. I felt insecure with my appearance because I could not control it. All I wanted to do was feel good about myself, and have the energy I needed to keep up with chores and play with my children.

I decided it was time to change and set some realistic goals. I was not sure what I needed to do, but I knew I needed to do something different than I had been doing. When I met Eliza I was truthfully skeptical that she could teach me something that I did not already know. I decided that I needed to give her methods a fair chance. I gave her six weeks of my best efforts. Eliza took the time to assess my eating habits, educate me on the types of food I was eating, and set up a meal plan for me using the foods I was eating all ready. I learned how to look at labels and know what I was eating. I kept a food journal to keep track of my diet and soon learned to eat according to my caloric needs. After meeting with Eliza a few weeks, I loved the new meal plans. I was eating every 3-4 hours and eating more calories. I learned that my natural inclination to eat less to lose weight was wrong. I increased the number of calories with more fruits and vegetables. I didn’t have the fatigue or irritability I normally felt when I tried to lose weight. With Eliza’s guidance I learned how to identify the best food choices for me.

Then the best thing of all happened… I became empowered. I now have knowledge and control. I feel like I can maintain this healthy diet for life. I have learned to eat properly without having to say “no” to all the treats. I know how to plan my diet around those special occasions, and not feel guilty. I am able to focus my goals on body composition and weight. I have gained the energy, the empowerment to keep a lifelong healthy diet, and the confidence to achieve all my fitness goals."

South Jordan, Utah
"I have so enjoyed taking nutrition classes from Eliza and have learned so much about becoming a healthier person and having a healthy family. I have enjoyed the benefits of this new way of life and I really feel that I can keep these changes for my life. The personal time that Eliza was able to give me in a group setting was also very much appreciated."

Sandy, Utah

“I have worked with Eliza for several months and have enjoyed the benefits of learning to live a healthier life.  I have been participating in a 4 year study at a nearby hospital.  At each visit, my blood is drawn.  As a know diabetic, it is hoped that my hemoglobin A1C will be less than 7.  Routinely, I run between 7.5 to 8.  Recently I had my A1C drawn again and it had dropped to 5.8!  My cholesterol was down to 147, and my HDL had risen to 60.  I was so excited that I shoveled snow for two hours and then hit the gym!

Salt Lake City, Utah

"I really enjoy working with Eliza on a weekly basis. I enjoy her attitude towards health and nutrition. I love that she is able to work around my busy schedule and that she has such a great accountability factor without judgment.

I love that she is living the plan as well so she has practical experience to draw upon. I could just go on and on. But most of all I love that she actually expects me to call or email with questions, and that it doesn't have to all be crammed into the time that I pay her for. This makes me want to stay with her that much longer."

Salt Lake City, Utah